About us

Health Empowerment and Livelihood Promotion (H.E.L.P) Initiative is an Indigenous Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in March 2015 and registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with certificate number 78523.

H.E.L.P Initiative focuses on contributing to the emergence of a healthy populace through health empowerment programs and public health/health promotion campaigns. We offer a broad range of health promotion and public health services which include promoting healthy lifestyle, improving health seeking behaviors, cancer awareness, psycho-social support and education on reproductive health.

H.E.L.P Initiative is a grass root centered organization with a sound grasp of the demographic, psychological and behavioral attributes of both rural and peri-urban dwellers. We have a good understanding of the peculiarities of the Nigerian populace hence our delivery methodology is tailored to suit the psychology and sociology of this population.

H.E.L.P initiative also partners with other organizations, international and local NGOs to provide public health services to the general population. Through our broad range of services, we have been able to reach over a hundred thousand people since our inception.


To improve the life of the populace by empowering them to make healthy lifestyle choices through health promotion and awareness campaign.


To build a society where people enjoy good health through the adoption of a healthy lifestyle.


 Our goal is to deliver public health and health services suitable to every strata of the society.

 To provide the best health services to the indigenous people of our society thereby impacting on their lifestyle choices.


Accountability, Integrity, Empowerment, Professionalism, Quality, Consistency, Ethics, Partnership