Our Focus

Nutrition, Lifestyle and Health

Nutrition and lifestyle are critical parts of health and development. Healthy nutritional and lifestyle practice are basically the key to achieving a good quality of[...]

Improving Health Seeking Behaviour

Poor health seeking behaviour is a significant contributor to mortality and morbidity in our society. Each year, millions of lives are lost to preventable and[...]

Breast and Cervical Cancer

Breast and Cervical cancer are the leading causes of cancer related deaths among women. Every day, approximately 41 Nigeria women die from Breast cancer and[...]

Healthy Heart

Heart diseases and diabetes are among the leading causes of Non Communciable Diseases mortality and morbidity globally. Every year an estimated 17.7 and 1.6 million[...]

Reproductive Health

Reproductive health is a major global public health issue for both men and women. Nigeria has a high burden of maternal mortality, with a ratio[...]