Reproductive Health

Reproductive health is a major global public health issue for both men and women. Nigeria has a high burden of maternal mortality, with a ratio of 814 deaths per 100,000 live births (WHO 2017). Every day in Nigeria, at least 145 women die from reproductive health complications such as preeclampsia, sepsis, placenta previa, haemorrhage, complications from childbirth and unsafe abortion. Majority of these preventable deaths are due to lack of information, poor uptake of ante natal services, cultural beliefs, inadequate healthcare services, accessibility and shortage of skilled healthcare workers. Sadly a lot of these deaths could have been prevented if the women had the right information and attended the recommended number of ante natal visits, these would increase the chances of detecting possible complications early.

The Reproductive Health Awareness programme was launched in 2017 to address the educational, cultural and religious barriers that negatively affect reproductive health. The primary target and beneficiaries of this programme are women, specifically those  in rural and peri-urban communities where educational levels are low, the incidence of harmful cultural practices high and provision of adequate healthcare services is limited. Our goal is to reduce the burden of maternal mortality by providing the right information and encouraging the uptake of ante natal services. The programme uses a doorstep health education approach and is presently ongoing in Lagos, Kwara and Ondo state. So far 63,736 women have benefited from this programme. The programme has immensely contributed to an increased knowledge on reproductive health, as well as an increase in uptake of ante natal and other reproductive health services in the communities we have covered.

Every day in Nigeria, 145 women die from preventable reproductive health complications. Your donation will help ensure more women in rural and peri-urban communities have the right information on reproductive health and improve their uptake of reproductive health services.