Sustainable Youth Empowerment

Posted on: January 26th, 2017 under Articles, Events, News

H.E.L.P Initiative envisions a future in which young people can readily access the training and opportunities they need to find or create decent work.

The largest wave of young people in history – 1.7 billion strong – will enter the global labor force over the course of the next decade. An estimated 85 million young men and women are currently unemployed, representing close to half of all the unemployed worldwide.

Chronic poverty passes from one generation to the next, unless young people acquire the tools and have the opportunity to earn a living wage. Work is not only critical to survival, it helps define who we are and enables us to contribute to family and societal well-being. For youth who are unsuccessful at obtaining gainful employment or income, the potential consequences include poverty, alienation and involvement in high-risk activities. Alternatively, the prospect of earning an income creates a sense of economic independence, self-esteem and purpose that empowers youth to look to the future.

To maximize and create additional opportunities for decent, dignified work for at-risk young people, H.E.L.P Initiative supports local organizations that enable young people to develop a range of intellectual, technical, practical and social skills.

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