The African Star Apple “Agbalumo”

Posted on: January 26th, 2017 under Articles, Events, News

Let us talk about this fruit which almost everyone loves….It is called ‘African star apple’ in English but popularly called ‘agbalumo’ in Yoruba, ‘udara’ in Ibo and ‘ciwoh’ in Hausa.

You will be surprised that despite the fact that this fruit has a sour taste many people still consider it their best fruit, this is good because this sweet-sour yummy milky fruit has a lot of health benefits.

Some of these health benefits include;

· They contain more ascorbic acid than oranges and guava, this helps to prevent scurvy.
· It is a remedy for sore throat, constipation and tooth ache.
· A research by scientists in Covenant University has revealed that this fruit can help lower blood sugar and cholesterol.
· The skin has been known for its medicinal value in curing cough, yellow fever, malaria and anemia.
· This fruit also contains Calcium which serves as a source of strength for bones and teeth.

If you never loved it before, now is the time to start enjoying it!!

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